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Base officials confirm rabies case in raccoon
18 Mar 2022

MCB Camp Lejeune conservation law enforcement office announced that a raccoon apprehended due to possible injuries tested positive for rabies yesterday. An additional raccoon was trapped and wildlife officials are awaiting lab results.

Base wildlife officials urge personnel to avoid wildlife, especially animals exhibiting suspicious behavior. 

“Enjoy wildlife, but at a distance. Never try to approach, handle, feed or rescue wild animals. Rabies can be prevented by vaccinating pets and seeking medical care after potential exposures before symptoms start,” said Chief Jason Taylor, MCB Camp Lejeune Conservation Law Enforcement Officer.

Installation personnel are advised to stay away from all animals, especially wildlife that are unusually aggressive, tame or disoriented. Animals showing these types of behaviors do not necessarily have rabies, but should still be avoided.

Personnel can contract rabies from a bite, scratch or exposure to saliva from an infected animal. If you are exposed, seek immediate medical attention.

If you encounter a suspicious animal on base, please contact the non-emergency line of the Provost Marshal Office at (910) 451-3004/3005. 


1st Lieutenant Ace Padilla

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

Attn: COMMSTRAT, PSC Box 20005, Camp Lejeune, NC 28542-0005