Know season rules, regulations

7 Apr 2016 | Cpl. Jared Lingafelt Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

As temperatures rise and days get longer, sportsmen are eager to get out their fishing equipment and dust off their turkey calls.

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune is surrounded by some of North Carolina’s most sought-after fishing destinations and is home to various wild game species. For hunters and fisherman on base, a few extra steps must be taken to ensure they are following base orders and regulations as well as state requirements regarding hunting and fishing.

With both freshwater and saltwater fishing being popular on base, sportsmen who seek to fish on base must carry a North Carolina State Fishing License and base permit on them while fishing. Camp Lejeune is home to more than 32 acres of inland freshwater ponds, giving fisherman a cast at bluegill, sunfish, bass and catfish.

According to base conservation law enforcement, fishing with artificial bait or digestible bait requires a state fishing license. Hook and line is the only legal method of taking inland fish with a recreational license.

Although fishing is accessible on this specific Marine Corps installation, fisherman must also abide by North Carolina’s freshwater rules and regulations, creel and size limits and applicable federal regulations when fishing fresh water sources.

In addition to a variety of fishing opportunities, Camp Lejeune is also home to numerous wild game species, many of which eligible base personnel can hunt. North Carolina’s wild turkey season is just around the corner and hunters are encouraged to review base order 5090.111 for guidance.

Spring turkey hunters are required to use a shotgun between 10 or 12 gauge and only use specific ammo while on base. North Carolina’s wild turkey season is April 9th through May 7 for male or bearded turkey and April 2 through April 8 for the youth season.

For more information, visit in addition to, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune Base Order 5090.111 or call the Camp Lejeune Conservation Law Enforcement Office at 451-5226.

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