Call Trace, *57 (star 57), is originated by the customer.  It may be used for threatening phone calls or for life endangerment.  Calls will also be accurately traced to cellular phones.

Military Law Enforcement Investigators will follow with the investigation once a trace has been reported.  


1.  A threatening call is received.
2.  The individual receiving the call records the necessary information in accordance with their unit's SOP.
3.  The threatening caller hangs up.
4.  The individual who received the call immediately hangs up their phone, picks up the receiver, and dials *57.
5.  The individual then secures the phone from additional use.
6.  The individual then annotates the time the call was received and the time the Call Trace was initiated.
7.  Using another phone, alert PMO at 451-2555 or the 911 center what type of threatening call was received, the time of the call, and the time a Call Trace was initiated.