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Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

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Provost Marshal Office Announcements

Aggressive Driving Campaign

Camp Lejeune aggressive driving campaign is an ongoing effort to combat aggressive driving thus reducing motor vehicle accidents. The desired end-state being to provide a safer roadway for our military members, their families, and civillians aboard the base. Drivers found guilty of any of the following charges will receive a one week suspension of base driving priveleges first offense, one month suspension second offense, and a six month suspension third offense: Failure to use seatbelt, Cell phone use without hands-free device, Excessive speed, Crosswalk and School zone infractions.


PMO Admin
The following services are offered through the PMO Administration Section:

Weapons Registration, Check In/Out, Background Checks for Military/Civilian Personnel aboard the Installation and for Hiring Officials on the Installation (Background checks only apply to violations on the Installation).

We provide copies of Incident Complaint Reports (ICRs) to legal personnel and law enforcement officials (Individuals desiring copies of ICRs must go to the Freedom of Information Act office).

The PMO Administration Section provides sample Pistol Permit Letters and sample Concealed Carry Letters. We also provide blank Disposition Forms to persons who currently have open cases in the Consolidated Law Enforcement Center (CLEOC) data base.

Personnel who have an incident(s) in the CLEOC will not be allowed to check out with the PMO until they provide a completed Disposition Form or a 10 Day Letter to the PMO Administration Section.


Useful Information / FAQ
How do I register my vehicle on base and what do I need to bring?

-Report to Bldg. 818, the Main Gate visitor center, with all required documentation. (click here for required documentation)

How do I obtain a temporary pass and what do I need to bring?

-Report to Bldg. 818, the Main Gate visitor center, with all required documentation. (click here for required documentation)

How do I register my weapon(s) on base?

-Report to Bldg 3 with completed weapons registration form.

How do I report an incident that occured on base (For emergencies dial 911)?

-Contact PMO Desk Sgt at 451-2557

How do I file a third-party citation (SNCO's and Officers)?

-Click here to download and open the Third Party Traffic Violation Reporting form.

How do I request authorization for a concealed carry permit?

-Concealed carry authorization letter to be completed by your chain of command. (click here for sample letter)


Contact Us

Emergency: 911

Desk Sgt: (910) 451-4688 or (910) 451-2557