Training Support Center


Training Support Center

Training & Education Command

Camp Lejeune, N.C.

MISSION:  The Camp Lejeune Training Support Center provides training exercise design expertise and advice to the operating forces, recommends the sequencing of use and integration of TECOM systems and capabilities in support of Block II, III, and IV training, and provides Ground Training System Support oversight of fielded live training systems in order to enhance home station unit training.

In coordination with II MEF, TSC Camp Lejeune will:

 ·         Assist units with planning home station training in support of their Mission Essential Task List (METL) through the development and execution of training exercises and training support packages utilizing:

o   Exercise Design

o   Master Scenario Events List (MSEL)

o   Custom Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace

o   Role Player bios and genograms

o   Training Event Execution Guides

o   Battlefield Effects/Atmospherics

o   CIED Enabler Support

o   Simulator and other training aids/devices

·         Provide units with a single point of contact for coordination of TECOM support for the operating forces’ home station training, including MAGTF Integrated Systems Training Center (MISTC), Center for Advanced Operational Culture Learning (CAOCL), MAGTF Engineer Center (MEC), Regional Intelligence Training Center (RITC) and the Infantry Immersion Trainer (IIT).

·         Provide units with TSC’s Exercise Support Process Unit Planners’ Guide.

TSC Camp Lejeune is not designed to conduct, schedule, or evaluate training events; or build unit training plans.

POC:  Lance Jeffrey, Site Lead / 910-450-8005 or Disel Hinkle, TSC OpsO / 910-450-8004