The SAVT will advance the training capability, operational readiness, and tactical proficiency of USMC JTACs forward observers (FO's), and Forward Air Controllers (FAC's). This  virtual simulator provides personnel with training scenarios  that require placement of tactical ordnance on selected targets using Joint Close Air Support (JCAS) procedures and observed fire procedures. These scenarios provide for practical application of Naval Surface Fire Support (NSFS), artillery and mortar fire, neutralization, suppression, illumination, interdiction, and harassment fire missions.

SAVT simulations can utilized for certified JTAC controls with a certifying official from the command. 

The SAVT can replace 33% of USMC live fire T&R and Joint Service currency training requirements.

Call (910) 450-5126, DSN 750. Click Here to check availability through RFMSS. ** Select USMC, then MCB Camp Lejeune, select two week calendar read only, select facility group, then select Training Support Division. 

Note: Write in SAVT in the request form as it is not currently listed.