The Infantry ImmersionTrainer (IIT) is a revolutionary training system that prepares Marines and Sailors for deployment to today’s battlefields. The facility uses virtual reality to re-create foreign urban scenes – right down to the sounds and smells – to give troops the necessary skills to win and survive in battle overseas. IIT blends real and advanced virtual technologies that will:

Lead to significant advances in Marine Corps training and combat readiness The virtual environment places warfighters in a realistic combat scene, confronting them with a range of possible scenarios that require split-second decisions and action. The high-tech simulation provides a safe environment for learning how to prevent fatal errors before troops are exposed to the real threat.

Improve mission performance through cutting-edge training technology Its software based
systems allow for rapid improvement of training delivery and the simulated scenarios
can be tailored to suit mission or individual needs. Save the lives of Marines and warfighters.
The trainer’s repeatable and scaleable scenarios increase skills in less time. The sights,
sounds, and smells of combat are reproduced in exacting detail.

Access to training in this facility is prioritized by II MEF.

Located in building 904 off of Sneads Ferry Rd.

Equipment: Marines must wear their full individual combat load minus the pack. SESAMS gear will be provided.

Unit must provide and SNCO or Officer for the duration of the training. Unit must also provide a corpsman and safety vehicle.

 Call 451-4282 to schedule training.