The USMC ODS trains vehicle operators on multiple vehicle platforms to include two MRAP variants. The trainer uses a manufactured cab with interchangeable dash sets that replicate the look and functionality of the vehicle chosen for simulation. It also utilizes an appended armor kit to simulate the appropriate field of vision for the selected vehicle. The systems are equipped with 3 degrees of freedom (3DOF) seat motion for the driver and 180 degrees of visual display. Vehicle variations include MTVR, MTVR Armor System, Up-Armored HMMWV, and MRAP.

 The ODS can provide 35 miles for licensing certification. The ODS operator can accommodate basic and higher skill level driving for the HMMWV, MTVR and MRAP. There are 3 student stations available with 147 driver scenarios to choose from. The ODS can also be used as a refresher trainer and provide sustainment miles.  The ODS can provide the required SOFA miles prior to an unit deployment. 

Location: Located within the Sim Center off of Lyman Rd, across the street from OP 2.

Equipment: Commands guidance on PPE.

Call (910) 450-5126, DSN 750. Click Here to check availability through RFMSS** Select USMC, then MCB Camp Lejeune, select two week calendar read only, select facility group, then select Training Support Division.