Replica weapons are life size, plastic-model OPFOR weapons that can be used for weapon caches, identification classes, role play, training enhancement, and familiarization. Items can be checked out for up to 10 days at a time. Exceptions can be made for units requiring longer periods. These training devices can be used outside of Camp Lejeune. A sergeant can check gear out for up to 10 days, SNCO or Officer must check the gear out if longer than 10 days or going outside Camp Lejeune.

There are many other Minor Training Devices (MTDs) in existence that are not currently held at TSD. If you have a requirement for MTDs that are not locally available, contact TSD with your requirements. We will need comprehensive info regarding your requirement. 

All training devices are located within the Simulation Center on Lyman Rd. across from OP-2.

Click here for available MTD's

Issue point is in building T-72. Call 910-450-5126 to schedule Minor Training Devices or email