ISMT-E is a three dimensional simulation-based trainer for indoor use capable of instruction in basic and advanced marksmanship, shoot/no-shoot judgment, combat marksmanship and weapons employment tactics. The trainer consists of an Instructor Station, audio/visual system, and weapons firing position.

Each firing position is capable of operating simulated weapons that include AT4, M2 (.50 cal), M9, M16A4, M16A2 fully sensored, M240G, M203, MK19, MP5, SAW, M870 12 gauge shotgun, SMAW, M224 60mm mortar, M252 81 mm mortar, M4A1, SRAW (Predator), and joint services combat shotgun.

The ISMT's can be linked together to allow Infantry Squad Training consisting of twelve firing positions. ISMT-E can also provide Forward Observer Spotting/Control of indirect fire and night vision training capabilities in addition to its baseline features.

Equipment required: Individual combat equiment.

Locations: There are (12) ISMT sites located within the Camp Lejeune area. There is (1) ISMT site at Cherry Point

For more information contact 910 450-8385.