The HEAT provides Marines the opportunity to experience vehicle roll-over conditions and rehearse and physically execute the steps necessary to survive a vehicle roll-over. Conducting this training under controlled conditions affords Marines the opportunity to gain experience of proper egress procedures, while reinforcing the importance of proper seatbelt/harness utilization, developing awareness of the necessary individual and crew skills needed to execute roll-over procedures, and conduct tactical perimeter security drills. Heat training supports USCENTCOM requirements for all Marines/ Sailors to complete vehicle roll-over training prior to deploying to designated combat zones in that theater.

Locations: (3) are available within the Sim Center on Lyman Rd across from OP-2.

Equipment: Marines/Sailors must provide their own helmet and body armor. Rifles, knee and elbow pads are provided.

Special Instructions: A certified HEAT instructor/operator provided by the unit must give the Dry Rollover Egress Training (DRET) class prior to arrival. Units must provide a certified instructor for each device they plan on using. A SNCO or Officer must be present for the duration of the training. Corpsman and safety vehicle must be provided by the using unit.

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Call (910) 450-5126, DSN 750. Click Here to check availability through RFMSS** Select USMC, then MCB Camp Lejeune, select two week calendar read only, select facility group, then select Training Support Division.