Service Requests


Every phone number receives an individual assignment (directory) and billing account to a unit or a section within that unit.  The directory information is then provided to the Base Operators.

Annually, individual units are responsible to verify the accuracy of their phone numbers that are published in the local phone book.

A Telecommunications Service Request, MCBCL BTEL/1 (TSR), is required to perform any changes to telephone service.  This includes relocating, adding, disconnecting, and temporary service.

TSRs are to be submitted 45 days prior to the required service.

TSR Submissions:

• All units aboard Camp Lejeune, MCAS New River, and Stone Bay will submit TSRs through the appropriate TCO for endorsement.
• MCB Units submit TSRs directly to Telecommunications Division, and MCCS submits TSRs to Fac Maintenance.
• Contractors and B-Bills are submitted via the Accountant Tech.

MCIEAST-MCB CAMLEJO 2305.5A provides a detailed explanation regarding requests for telephone service and guidelines for Telecommunications Division personnel.

An Investigator may come to the building to ensure that service may be provided.  They may identify other needs of the unit and request corrective action.

Click here to send a request to the Telecommunications TSR mailbox


Title  Size Link
TSR 782.00KB Download
Spreadsheet for New Phone Service 21.50KB Download
Spreadsheet for Moving Phones 20.50KB Download
M5316 - New Install 87.50KB Download
M5316 - Change Setup 124.00KB Download
ESR - ELMR Service Request 1.04MB Download
Title Size Link
TSR Example 542.43KB Download
Spreadsheet Explanation 20.00KB Download
Floor Plan / Existing Jacks / Add Jacks 46.00KB Download
M5316 - New Install Example 87.00KB Download
M5316 - Change Setup Example 124.50KB Download