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Phone Books

It is the unit's responsibility to ensure that directory information contained in the phone book is correct!

Directory Information

Telecommunications Division, located in Building 25, is responsible for directory information to be published in the CenturyLink Phone Book and on the Camp Lejeune Intranet Site.  Each November, a request is sent to each unit's G-6 to update their phone directory for numbers to be published.  The G-6 returns the request with the corrected directory to be published by the end of January.


Phone Books are published by CenturyLink once a year.  They are delivered to Telecommunications Division in April each year.  Telecommunications Division will then inform each G-6 that phone books are available.

The G-6 and Tenant Organizations will identify the amount of books required by their unit.  They will be responsible to coordinate pick-ups and provide personnel to load their vehicle.  The G-6 is also responsible for pick up and storage of phone books for deployed units.

Phone books may be picked up at Bldg 25.

Do not bring old phone books to Telecommunications Division for recycling. Units are responsible for disposing of old phone books.

Any problems relating to Phone Book directory information or distribution should be address to the G-6 of your unit.

Phone Directory

For your convenience, our current phone directory for the Base & MCAS New River is available online via the following link.

Click here to download the 2020 Phone Directory.