***MARADMIN 307/16 mandates the use of the Outbound Interview (OBI) Module within MOL for Marines that are separating/retiring from the Marine Corps.***

In order to retire from the Marine Corps, you must:
- Attend TRS 1 year to 6 months prior to your EAS. (Your Unit Transition Coordinator will help schedule this)
- Complete and submit your Outbound Interview (OBI) in MOL (no later than 60 days out from requested departure date). Attach the RPAC Seps Statement of Understanding (obtained from your S-1 or Useful Links below) to OBI.
- Once ADMIN CERTIFIED, go back into OBI to print out your approved DMO endorsement from OBI (listed under “attachments”) and take it to DMO to arrange household goods move and/or transportation. (10 working days after your unit approves your OBI, the OBI status should change to ADMIN CERTIFIED)
- Final Physical (good for only 6 months from departure date)
- Complete DD Form 2656 (Retired Pay Data Form) and turn into the RPAC Retirement Section for submission to DFAS. It must be received at DFAS 30 days prior to your EAS to avoid retirement pay discrepancies.
- RPAC Checkout Sheet COMPLETE WITH STAMPS AND SIGNATURES – available at your Unit S-1
- CIF/IIF/Supply (30 Days out) – suggest even further out if there is missing gear
- Complete the MarineNet SBP for Retirees Course
- 2 working days prior to departure date, go to RPAC with all separation documentation to conduct pre-checkout to identify any potential last minute issues.

***Marines will not be given their orders and DD Form 214s until the day they are scheduled to detach. ***Any incomplete checkout requirements will cause a delay in your departure.

In order to receive your DD-214 you must complete/turn in the following to the RPAC Separations section:
- Completed RPAC Checkout Sheet
- Completed DD Form 2648 (TRS w/ Capstone)
- Completed Final Physical (DD Forms 2808, 2807, 2697)
- Complete Medical and Dental records w/ STR DD Form 2963 (2963 from local BAS. Outpatient Records at Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune will provide CD copy of medical records to the member.)
- Completed Missing Gear Statement (NAVMC 6)
- Completed DD Form 2656 (Retired Pay Data Form) – must be submitted to DFAS at least 30 days prior to your EAS. The RPAC is required to submit your completed 2656 to DFAS – DO NOT DO THIS YOURSELF.
- Completion Certificate for MarineNet SBP for Retirees Course

Valuable Information:
- Update your MOL and MyPay password and personal email before you depart Camp Lejeune.
- Make sure you complete your travel claim via MOL/OBI once you reach your final destination. It is money you are entitled to.
- Personal Statement of Military Compensation and Verification of Military Education (VMET) on MOL (anytime you want to look). PSMC is a good breakdown of what entitlements you receive in the military. It may shed some light on what it will take for you to maintain your current quality of life. VMET shows the courses you attended while on active duty and whether they are creditable for college credits.
- For TDRL/PDRL Marines: Once your PEB findings are returned and your new EAS has posted in MOL/MCTFS, immediately start your OBI interview. It is recommended to you come to the Retirement Section once your PEB has been submitted to receive information about the 2656 Form and an overview of Survivor Benefit Program (SBP).
Marines are welcomed to come into the RPAC Retirements Section regarding any questions or concerns they have at any point during the process.