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A barrier blocks off the Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune’s quarterdeck while it is being prepared for renovations. For six months, service members and their families who seek medical attention will have to make use of two side entrances near the main entrance. To help them navigate the hospital, corpsmen are strategically located to lend a helping hand.

Photo by Pvt. Victor Barrera

Naval Hospital to receive new quarterdeck

6 Feb 2012 | Pvt. Victor Barrera

Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune has been undergoing construction for more than a year now, with most of the construction having little impact on patients coming through and seeking medical assistance or advice.

However, new construction began Monday to the main entrance, better known as the quarterdeck to military personnel, which patients now have to maneuver around.

In addition to closing the quarterdeck, the inner lane of the traffic circle in front of the naval hospital will also be closed to patrons. This will make room for construction personnel to collect debris and stage construction materials. The only traffic allowed through the circle during that time will be emergency vehicles; parking for all other vehicles will be available in the hospital's parking lot.

To accommodate hospital-goers, naval hospital staff have set up signs both inside and outside of the hospital to help direct patients to where they want to go. The signs contain information that notes which entrance a patient can use to get to their destination. Additionally, sailors are prepositioned in several locations throughout the hospital to provide directions and often times escort patients to where they need to go.

For now, two entrances are available to service members and their families who are seeking medical attention. One entrance is located to the right of the main entrance which is close to the Pediatric Clinic and the laboratory. The second entrance is left of the main entrance and is close to Obstetrics and Gynecology and Family Medicine Clinics.

The quarterdeck’s information desk, pharmacy, and admissions office have been relocated during construction. Patients can find the information desk to the right of the main entrance and the pharmacy has been moved in front of the main elevators. The admissions office has also been moved to classroom C, which hospital personnel can point out to patients.

The construction slated for the quarterdeck includes the removal of the plant atrium to make the quarterdeck feel more spacious. The stairway will also be moved to the back wall and the flooring will be replaced with lighter colors.

“Once completed in six months, the quarterdeck will look more open and also provide the hospital staff with a place to host ceremonies,” said Navy Capt. Daniel J. Zinder, the commanding officer of Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune.

The renovation of the quarterdeck is just one of many construction projects going on at the naval hospital. This is the first one to impact patrons, but Zinder wants to assure the patrons that it will have no affect on the medical services.

“The hospital opened its doors in 1983 and it’s time for an upgrade. The quarterdeck is often the first impression people receive when they come to the hospital,” said Zinder. “However, no matter what construction or renovation is taking place, one thing we will never allow to falter is the quality of care and safety we provide to our patients and staff. We will work all construction around patient care, not patient care around construction.”