Defense Personal Property System helps ease TMO pains

7 Jun 2011 | Lance Cpl. Victor Barrera

For service members who are retiring or issued permanent change of station orders, packing up their personal effects and having them sent to their new duty station or home just became a bit easier.

The old Transportation Operation Personal Property System has been replaced by the Defense Personal Property System, which is web-based. Even with all the changes occurring personally procured moves were not affected.

The site,, allows active duty and retiring service members the chance to fill out applications to have personal effects shipped to their new place of residence all from the comfort of their own home. However, some paperwork still needs to be turned in to TMO to ensure that the service member has filled out everything properly.

With TOPPS, service members were counseled by TMO and then TMO personnel handled the shipping. With DPS, service members can now track the delivery status of their personal belongings which can help in reducing storage costs because they will know when their personal belongings are available for pick-up.

“It’s a lot easier. It eliminates some paperwork and is a lot faster for the transportation service provider,” said Master Sgt. Arnaldo Tinoco, the personal property chief with the Traffic Management Office, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. “The (movers) are paid faster which in turn they provide a better service.”

The TMO realizes that some may experience technical difficulties when attempting to utilize DPS, and will ensure that any problems encountered are properly rectified.

Another new addition is the full replacement value protection.  TOPPS worked on a depreciative value scale.

“If you had a TV that cost $300 when you bought it the value of it would depreciate over time, so if it broke, you wouldn’t get the full amount,” said Tinoco. “Now, with the Full Replacement Value Protection, if the TV broke, they would get the full $300.”

After the dust has settled and the service member has received their personal property, they can also take a customer satisfaction survey that will help others who use TMO in the future.

The online survey focuses on the quality of service that was provided and the Army’s Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, who is in charge of the website, gives the transportation service provider a score which helps them choose the best movers for the service members.

“The main reason we moved from TOPPS to DPS was to improve the quality of service from the moving companies,” said Tinoco. “This streamlines the claims process, implements electronic payments for the movers and also comes with full replacement value protection. It’s still fairly new, but once it’s at full capacity it will be great for everyone.”

To learn more about DPS, visit All questions regarding this system can be directed to the Personal Property Supervisor/Chief at (910) 451-2377 Ext 210.