Boats at Horne Road in Courthouse Bay must be moved

13 Jan 2011 | Lance Cpl. Victor A. Barrera

Courthouse Bay is no longer allowing boaters to park their boats in the parking lot adjacent to the gas station off of Horne Road.

“In 2008 numerous complaints and issues with parking boats and trailers in barracks parking lots and in front of base housing units while boating caused concern for the area commander,” said Jim Barton, director of support for the Marine Corps Engineer Center.  “He offered the parking lot adjacent to the gas station off of Horne Road for boat and boat-trailer parking.”

However, environmental issues with leaking boats and a construction contract now requires all boats located there to be moved. Unfortunately, some boats have not been moved for years.

“The problem that we’re facing is that 13 trailers and boats located there have no contact information associated with them, so we don’t know who to contact,” said Matthew Fletcher, the public affairs officer for the Engineer School.

Currently, personnel are looking for a new permanent spot, but for now, a temporary location for boaters to park their recreational vehicles has been found. However, the new location will have requirements so to prevent people from leaving and forgetting about their boats.

“The owners must contact myself or the Courthouse Bay Marina prior to moving their boat into the temporary location,” said Barton. “This is to ensure updated (point of contact) information is on hand for future notifications. In addition, all boat trailers must have a current registration and tag to avoid towing to an off-base location, which will be at the owners expense.”

Boaters are given until January 15 to move their recreational vehicles to another location.

To arrange a temporary location for boats call 440-7890 or 440-7386.