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Several members of the Wounded Warrior Battalion-East pose with the band Five Finger Death Punch during a visit to the battalion Feb. 9. This was the second visit the band has made with the battalion.

Photo by Cpl. Katie Densmore

Band visits wounded Marines

18 Feb 2010 | Cpl. Katie Densmore

Marines with the Wounded Warrior Battalion-East received a special surprise when the band Five Finger Death Punch visited the battalion Feb. 9.

As the band entered the battalion’s lounge, they immediately sought out the Marines they recognized from their last visit.

However, the last visit wasn’t at the battalion and was much more active.

“Last time we came out here we played paintball with the guys,” said Matt Snell, bass guitarist for the band.

Although this time nobody was ducking for cover it still made an impact on the Marines, especially Sgt. Jason Blondin, a member of the battalion, who was injured in a vehicle accident in Iraq.

“I thought it was very cool of them to come out here and meet us,” he said. “They really went out of their way to visit us, which means a lot.”

After shaking hands and sharing some laughs the band began signing posters for the Marines as well as guitars members of the battalion had brought in.

“It was just amazing for the band’s fans to actually get to see them and even walk away with something,” said Blondin. “I just couldn’t believe they came here of all places. It was so unexpected.”

Several of the Marines were surprised by the visit, but for the band being able to visit the battalion was something they knew they had to do.

“We always support the military,” Snell said. “(Service members) are brutal. You are the ones who go off for months at a time and put yourselves in harms way for everyone else. It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to do this.”