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Marine Corps Installations East

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune
Administrative Photo Studio

MCB CAMLEJ Combat Camera Temporary Studio Hours

Beginning 20 June 2016, the MCIEAST-MCB CAMLEJ Combat Camera administrative photography studio, BLDG 54, will be under renovation through October 2016.  COMCAM will continue to provide administrative photography support using a smaller studio space.  Since the temporary studio cannot accommodate multiple photography requirements simultaneously, COMCAM will be operating under modified hours of operation during the renovation:

For promotion, passports, and chaser photographs, personnel should come in:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday – 0730 to 0930 and 1300 to 1400.
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays – 0730 to 0930 only.

For command board photographs, personnel should come in:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday – 1000 to 1130 and 1400 to 1500.
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays – 1000 to 1130 only.

The COMCAM front entrance will be closed during the renovation.  Signs will direct personnel to a temporary entrance in the rear of BLDG 54.  The temporary entrance to the studio is located on Post Lane Road, adjacent to the MCIEAST-MCB CAMLEJ  G-3/5 Supply and H&S Bn Bravo Co parking lot.  Personnel will check in at the temporary customer service area which will be the lobby area to the left as you enter BLDG 54 through the temporary entrance.  COMCAM will resume normal hours of operation and services when the renovation is completed.

MCAS New River combat camera studio is located in Building AC-425. The studio hours of operation are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 0800 – 1100.  The studio can be contacted at (910) 449-5277.

Command photo requirements:  Per Base Order 3104.1B, the following personnel are eligible to have command photos taken by COMCAM.

(a) Commanding Officers (company level and above)

(b) Executive Officers (battalion level and above)

(c) Sergeants Major/Command Master Chiefs

(d) First Sergeants

(e) Equal Opportunity Representatives (battalion level and above)

(f) Unit Victim Advocates (battalion level and above)

(g) Chaplains (battalion level and above)

(h) Retirees for the completion of their retirement program

(i) Family Readiness officer

(j) Marine or Noncommissioned Officer of the Quarter boards (battalion level and above)

(k) Sailor or Petty Officer of the Quarter boards (battalion level and above)

(l) Requests will not be accepted for any individual section

Promotion photo requirements:  Promotion photos that will be transmitted to MMSB require a height/weight verification form that has been validated by a command representative within 30 days of the request.  Any other promotion style photo will be taken in accordance with our section’s standard operating procedures or if mandated by a directive or MARADMIN.

No-fee government passport requirements:  No-fee government passports are for government use only. The requestor will need a DD Form 1056 or copy of web orders and a collared shirt.


The Marine Corps Base Combat Camera section (COMCAM) is organized and structured to provide MCIEAST-MCB Camp Lejeune, MCAS New River and tenant activities with graphics support, still and video imagery in support of unit training, missions and operations.  COMCAM is located aboard Camp Lejeune in Building 54 on Lucy Brewer Avenue.  Support can requested at our office during our normal hours of operation, Monday – Friday, 0730 – 1630, with the exception of Thursday when the section is closed at 1300 for field day and training. Imagery can be viewed and downloaded at www.dvidshub.net/unit/MCB-CL-COMCAM.


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    Reproduction / Graphics Section
    The reproduction/graphics section provides a full range of graphic creation, black and white printing up to 12”x18”, color printing up to 12”x18”, large format printing up to 40”, booklet making (two and three fold), binding, paper drilling (two and three hole) and lamination up to 60” wide for field products.  The reproduction/graphics section can be contacted at (910) 451-4267.


    Photo Section
    The photo section provides digital still acquisition, photographic printing, administrative photography, CD-ROM products and duplication and photographic restoration to customers.  The photo section can be contacted at (910) 451-4261.


    Video Section
    The video section provides motion media acquisition/documentation, creates motion media productions, media format conversion and DVD products and duplication.  The video section can be contacted at (910) 451-1972.



    Tenant COMCAM Offices
    Marine Corps Base: 
    (910) 451-1239 
    2d Marine Division:
    (910) 451-8749 
    2d MLG:
    (910) 451-5711
    22nd MEU:
    (910) 451-0717
    24th MEU:
    (910) 451-0263
    26th MEU:
    (910) 451-2914
    (910) 440-0119
    (910) 450-0701
    (910) 449-2275